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 “Analysis Factory helped us focus on the data that was relevant to our organization and produce world-class dashboards to make decisions in real-time. These guys are the best thing since hypersonic flight.”  

Michael T. VanMeter, Real Time Telemetry Systems

"In today’s episode, Cliff teaches us how to tell if you’re missing the business part of BI, why it’s so important to ask a lot of questions, and how to talk to end-users." 

Mico Yuk, BI Brainz, Analytics on Fire Podcast

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iBriefing, designed and built by Analysis Factory, supports decision-making by providing clear and concise analyses of multiple options for spectrum sale projects and producing a briefing presentation based on parameters and requirements entered by the user within the specific area of expertise. It enables the decision-maker to model outcomes and understand their impacts. The resulting improved visibility significantly reduces risk and improves strategic decision-making.

iBriefing generates natural language scenarios and explanations that provide the briefing creator with a basic briefing that can be edited and enhanced.

iBriefing is a knowledge-driven decision support system, tailored to specific areas of expertise:

iBriefing-Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry
iBriefing-Commercial Real Estate Portfolio           
iBriefing-Sales Reporting             
iBriefing-Oil & Gas Exploration   

iBriefing is built using off-the-shelf Microsoft technology that can be easily installed and run by user on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices.

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Microsoft Power BI Dashboard
Databox Dashboard
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Analysis Factory provides end-to-end business intelligence development services from visualization of key business processes to prototype design to final development and roll-out.


Our multi-national team wields the tools of data visualization and predictive analytics to translate your business requirements into powerful analytics solutions — solutions that deliver clear insights that can truly transform the future of your business.

We deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

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