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The principals of Analysis Factory, Rick Montgomery and Cliff Alper, lead a multinational team of business intelligence and data visualization experts to provide nimble, cost effective analytics solutions for a wide range of companies in the public and private sectors.


Analysis Factory solutions track accounts receivables for international construction companies, monitor gas & oil well production, keep budgets for small private schools under control, and frame briefings for the US Navy and US Air Force.

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As a recent client observed, "Rick has the uncanny ability to understand the business model no matter what the industry he has been hired for...Rick is able to offer solutions where many people don't even realize there is a problem."

Rick Montgomery
CEO and Founder
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Cliff is the business analytics wizard of Analysis Factory.  Under his direction combining business insight, technical expertise, and creativity, Analysis Factory has been a leader in the information design field for over 20 years, delivering industrial strength analytics solutions for business users.

Cliff Alper
Founder and Director of Business Analytics Services
Microsoft Power BI Tableau Dashboards BI SAP Consultants

Shafeeq speaks many languages, both on and off the computer.  After graduating from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he embarked on an international career in the IT industry, putting into practice his belief that technology is not inherently difficult – but that too often technology is approached with an unwarranted assumption of difficulty. Shafeeq has a depth of expertise in a wide range of technologies including the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Databox, Antivia DecisionPoint, SAP Business Intelligence and custom web and mobile applications. Shafeeq spent considerable time in his early career in San Jose, California working for Cisco Systems as an Integration expert and BI consultant, where he was lauded for his ability to solve tough technical problems while simultaneously explaining the relevant issues to a non-technical audience, enabling them to take appropriate decisions. Shafeeq loves his technology and is always game when it comes to solving a business-critical problem or assessing the latest BI technologies.

Shafeeq Rahiman
Senior Analytics Consultant
Microsoft Power BI Tableau Dashboards BI SAP Consultants
Jeremy Alper
Senior Analytics

Some kids grow up playing with chutes and ladders; Jeremy, the next generation of Analysis Factory professionals, grew up playing with sliders and dials.  He quickly found his forte designing BI solutions to support big data. Even before graduating from Trinity College in Hartford, he was building some of Analysis Factory’s most powerful data visualizations.  More than 10 years later, Jeremy has designed dozens of executive level Business Intelligence solutions for Fortune 500 companies, as well as presenting seminars in Advanced Visualization Techniques for BI industry professionals.


Wade McAvoy

January 29, 1974 ‒ September 23, 2019

Wade picture.jpg

It is with profound sadness that Analysis Factory bids farewell to Wade McAvoy, colleague and friend, who passed away on Monday, September 23.  Wade has been part of our team for over 10 years; when we joked, "When the job gets tough, we bring in the Marines," that was Wade.   Easy-going, kind, a true gentle giant with a huge heart, Wade was simply the best,  both as a colleague and as a friend.  We send heartfelt condolences to his entire family.  We miss him.

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