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Analysis Factory partners with Databox to provide organizations requiring custom integration of corporate data or complex data sources into Databox with custom connectors and Databox API/SDK work for SQL databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, custom Microsoft Azure SQL and Amazon Redshift.

Databox Dashboards

Databox has an extensive — and rapidly growing — list of native connectors. Even so, some users will need to pull in data from other systems. Large enterprises may need to connect to a long list of data sources associated with enterprise sales and marketing applications. Some of the data may be stored behind a firewall. And management data may still live in standalone spreadsheets.

That’s when Analysis Factory steps up to the plate. We build custom integration to connect this data to Databox. Although the process requires some data preparation, once the custom integration is completed, these non-native data sources can be used seamlessly with native data sources within the Databox system.

Databox Custom Integration
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